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Nu Heartless
(( JUST to let you know, for those of you who favorite and/or comment on things in this club without premission, you have automatically assigned yourself to being bitched out by RosedIllusions, thank you and I hope you trip off a cliff)) ((And for those of you who accidently favorite it, then this doesn't apply to you... Just make sure to correct this before I get ahold of you c: ))

This is the sister club of Org-Nu, though instead of nobodies, here runs the critters you see in your peripheral vision~

Why give the nobodies their peace? Let us make them jump a bit and give them a real reason to look before they take a step.

We are what goes bump in the night, we are NuHeartless~

(Chatroom, 'NuHeartless', Come here if you need help thinking up ideas of your heartless)


:iconorg-nu: :icontheassociation:  :iconreapers-game: :iconwormwood-towns: :iconorganizationmilitary: :iconwielders-of-ruin: :iconkeyguards: :iconpara-normality: :iconheart-defense: :iconnu-hybrid:

Icon creator: TheBloodWingedAngel
Please put the clubs icon in your journal once you've been accepted by putting :iconnu-heartless: (: iconNu-Heartless : but take out spaces) and Nu-Heartless ( : devNu-Heartless : also take out spaces) in your journal or signature.

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animalla Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
;^; This place should live again sometime~ *sigh*
moomoocandy Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
is this club still active like? : o
Arada Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2009
No :c
Rockerchick22 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2009  Student
I was wondering why I have to get a reply for my note I Sent you guy's A While ago...:confused:...I Would Liketo Fix up my Character sheet for the club though haven't gotten a reply for me to do so,So yeah ^^;
Nu-Heartless Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2009
Gotcha! We'll be right on it.

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